Magyar lecke haladòknak


Hi guys!

I intend this video for advanced Hungarian learners, but if you are a beginner and love challenges, check out this video! You will also find Hungarian and English subtitles. If you know my method, you know what will happen next. I will tell a story in Hungarian and then I will ask questions. You also know for sure that you will hear a story that is different from the usual. I haven’t prepared a funny story right now, but I think it’s likely that it will evoke emotion in you, which will help you remember more easily what you’ve learned. You can download the text and the exercises from my blog.

If you don’t know my method yet, read my last article.

So, let’s get started.

I will teach you Hungarian very quickly if you follow me. In return, the only thing I ask you is: put a like on the video and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so yet. Share the video with your friends who would like to learn Hungarian with a simple but very effective method.

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