Learn Italian with Mini-stories. Automatic Grammar and Vocabulary

Che vergogna!

Ciao ragazzi!

Welcome to a nw episode of“Learn Italian with Mini-Stories”.

I’ll teach you a super-efficient language learning, grammar and vocabulary learning technique. At the end of the lesson, you’ll start talking in Italian if you follow me. 

You’ll learn how to understand and speak in Italian from the very beginning through funny and fascinating mini-stories. You’ll learn a very cool and effective technique that will help you to learn Italian fast

I’m going to teach you an effective learning trick. I’m going to ask you questions. Why? Because questions make us think. Questions deserve answers instinctively and our brain knows it!

How do we structure these questions? In a simple way. Simple questions are good because they keep our motivation up. We like having positive feedback. If we answer a question correctly, we get positive feedback.

We learn the grammar rules and words automatically if we answer a yes-no question or a simple question. We practically repeat the same words of the question with little corrections. Your neocortex will get results super-quickly.

Download the PDF (complete lesson: text, translation, vocabulary, explanations, questions, etc.).

That’s all, folks!

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