Imparare le basi dell'inglese

Dean’s Adventure in Alieterra

I think I’m crazy!

Is Dean angry or hungry?

Don’t leave me alone!

Silence costs…

Suspicious Dean in the hotel

It’s ridiculous and atrocious

Strange habits

The story of Glotty

Pizza or nothing

Old-style romanticism

How many flowers did you kill for a date?

Diego’s career

I’ll give you one more chance

An important client from afar

I see, I feel, and I hear

Things don’t always happen as we imagine

Drug delivery

Dean was kidnapped

Proof of knowledge

Leggi la Storia

Raph is an English teacher. He is annoyed. Sissi is also a teacher and she is annoyed, too. They are annoyed because it’s difficult to encounter excellent, interesting learning materials. They consider changing their careers. Raph wants to become a famous astronaut, and Sissi wants to be a secret agent. But first, they decide to collaborate and create the best English course ever

The name of the English course is “Automatic English with Mini-Stories.” This course is unique. Raph and Sissi use the most efficient techniques in one course: story-telling, Eureka, deep connections, grammar in context, analogy, observation, and various automatic learning techniques. 

Raph and Sissi are very enthusiastic. In the end, they don’t change their careers.