Choose Your Own Italian Adventure. Mini-game No. 7.

Hard time at the airport


  • You have to get out of the airport! 

Do you think it’s easy?


2025, 25 Maggio, 15:00, Roma, Aeroporto

  • Hey, Lili, my love, don’t be afraid! 

You are hugging your puppy as tightly as possible while your stomach is in knots. Is it caused by hunger or fear? This is your first time in this world-famous, romantic and fabulous country. But is everything going to be as you’ve planned?

Start Mission 1 

Choose your answer:

  1. If you go to the right, vai a No. 24.
  2. If you go to the left, vai a No. 22.
  3. If you go straight, vai a No. 5.

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