Learn Italian in 3 months

Is It Possible to Learn Italian in 3 Months? 

When I started my professional life as a teacher I came across a student who wanted to learn Italian in 3 months because he had heard that it was possible. I told him it wasn’t, so he got angry.

He got angry, I got doubtful. I began researching the topic as I wanted to be certain I was right. In the meantime, I fell in love with languages even more, and searching for effective language learning methods became a part of my life forever. However, after many years my answer hasn’t changed. 

So, let me ask you the same question again. Is it possible to learn Italian in 3 months? 

You may be mad too since you might have heard about promising Italian courses and books that say you could learn Italian in a very short time. In this article, I’m going to disappoint you,  as well as give you hope though. You will see that it’s possible to learn Italian in a few months under certain circumstances

I hadn’t heard from that student for some years after our discussion. Then, I accidentally learned that he was still struggling to learn Italian after three years. 

That student is just an example and we can’t take him as an absolute answer to the question. We should look around to search for additional examples to disprove my disappointing reply. Let’s do it together! Let’s look around in our surroundings and find someone, anyone who could learn a foreign language in 3 months

I know. You hardly know anyone. 

OK, now let’s do it more “scientifically”. First of all, we need to ask a few questions so that we can see if it’s possible or not. 

What does learning Italian mean exactly? 

It’s a crucial question as it determines the whole story. If your aim is to be able to communicate at a basic level, you can learn Italian in three months. You can learn any languages you want in three months. However, if you want to reach level C1 in Italian, I would hardly believe you could do it. Still, there are some cases…

In which cases can you learn Italian in 3 months? 

  1. You can learn Italian in a few months to an advanced level if you already know another Latin language.

If you already speak Spanish, French, Portuguese or Romanian, it implies you have a good base to start. However, knowing another Latin language can cause confusion and you may end up mixing up these languages while you’re speaking. Long story short, if you study attentively and regularly, you should be able to achieve your goal. You may even reach C1 in a few months

  1. You can learn Italian in a few months to an advanced level if you are a polyglot

Polyglots are mentally agile and focused. When you watch a Ted talk or listen to a famous polyglot’s stories,  hope grows within you. You say: “If they can do it, I can do it too.” 

Are you a polyglot? If you’re not one of them, you can’t do what they do. Why? Because you’re not used to exercising your mind to learn so many languages. It’s like a sport. If you don’t practice every day, your body tends to “forget” about using its muscles and getting back to the sport after a one-year break must be hard. 

Although you can be a champion- just like you can be a polyglot, you must adopt a certain lifestyle. 

  1. You can learn Italian in 3 months to an advanced level if you are a genius alien

I don’t doubt they exist, do you? OK, seriously! If you are one of them, what are you looking for here? You already know how to learn a foreign language in a few months. 

How to learn Italian in 3 months?

‘You can learn Italian in 3 months’ is a myth. But I believe in mythology, gods, superheroes and genius aliens. However, the problem is that they are not ordinary creatures and what they can do we, normal people can’t do. 

Still, there are some awesome language learning techniques that you can apply to speed up the learning process. Even if an absolute beginner can’t learn Italian in three months to an advanced level, they can sound like advanced learners. 

What can you learn in 3 months in Italian? 

The question could rather be put this way: what should you study in three months in Italian? 

5 things that you should learn in 3 months in Italian

  1. useful Italian expressions
  2. “me-specific” vocabulary so you can talk about yourself, express your opinion and discuss topics you’re interested in
  3. important grammar  (one present and one past tense, some auxiliary verbs, main rules on how Italian grammar works, etc)
  4. question forms so that you can show interest while conversing with others
  5. conversation fillers to sound more fluent

Basically, that’s it, guys. So, again: Is it possible to learn Italian in 3 months?

No, it isn’t. But you can act as if you have learned it. 

You’ve got to fake it till you make it. 😉 

If you like this topic, watch my video on How I learned Italian in 3 months

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